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Although the keys may glow in the dark for a few seconds, our state of the art reflective technology is based on the usage of the light from the computer monitor only. Our technology operates in the similar fashion as street signs reflecting from car headlights.

The glow life has an expectancy of up to 10 years with normal usage.

All of our stickers are made of an outdoor-caliber, durable, waterproof, industrial strength vinyl with an aggressive permanent adhesive. Our stickers have a 10 year effective capability against any weather, fading, etc. Before the stickers are cut, we add a 100% clear gloss UV coating.

Although no special tools or training is required, it is suggested that tweezers may provide added assistance in the installation process.

With proper care and adequate time, the key cap labels may be removed if they are placed on the keyboard.


Glowing Keyboard Stickers

It is no secret that the dull/flat color of keyboard keys cannot be seen in the dark and can hardly be seen in dim light. Thankfully, in this age of innovation, the perfect solution has finally been achieved with the introduction of glowing keyboard stickers.

With glowing keyboard stickers, typing in dim light or in the dark is now not only possible but fun! Each keyboard character come to life as they fluoresce and give off their powerful glow. This allows for efficient nighttime typing. Playing video games or doing serious typing has now taken on a new dimension with having to effectively do so in the dark.

The benefits of glowing keyboard stickers are immense. Imagine being a student in a dormitory and you do not wish to disturb your roommate by turning on bright lights. Imagine also that a storm has knocked out power and you need to submit an important document by a certain time. These are two situations that surely show the depth of the advantages of having nighttime typing capability. Another benefit to these specialized stickers is they reduce fatigue of the eyes because the illumination is not intense.

Without a doubt, glowing keyboard stickers are ideal not only for household use but for professionals of all genre. If there is a possibility that you might need to type in the dark or dim light, then you must consider this product.